Hogwarts Wordle, What Is Today’s Hogwartle Answer March 07, 2022?

Hogwarts Wordle

Hogwarts Wordle is the Potter Universe version of the popular word game and it was created by fans for people to play for free. The words are all themed around the Harry Potter universe and can be difficult to guess at times. People want to know Hogwarts Wordle. To know the Hogwarts Wordle for today, March 07, 2022 just keep reading. 

Hogwarts Wordle

Do you think Wordle’s daily brain-teaser isn’t magical enough for you? Today’s Hogwarts word guide will provide you with any assistance you may require in this unofficial spin-off based on the massively popular Harry Potter series. It’s a game that will undoubtedly appeal to die-hard fans of the films and books, but even the most ardent Potterheads may require some help.

What Is Today Hogwartle Wordle Answer March 07, 2022?

The following steps are the way to get the answer for today’s Hogwarts Wordle: 

  1. First step try the word AUROR. It always eliminated popularly used alphabets
  2. Next attempt, try BLACK. Again, it eliminates alphabets and confirms A is in the wrong position. 
  3. The next possible word is JAMES.
  4. The next attempt, try WANDS. This is based on the alphabest remaining after trying the previous words. This attempt gave the alphabets A,N, S. 
  5. Finally tried the word FANGS. 
  6. The answer is FANGS.

What is Today Hogwartle Wordle Answer?

The Hogwartle answer for March 07, 2022 is “FANGS”. The section below explains how to play the game and make guesses to get to the answer. There are also some suggestions provided for the best words to start the game with. The following is how to get the answer:



Josh Wardle designed the game for his pals, but it quickly grew in popularity, causing Josh Wardle to publish it. Everyone is playing the game, which has garnered a lot of interest among internet users. Wordle gives players six chances to predict a five-letter word that is chosen at random. If you put the proper letter in the right location, it becomes green, When a proper letter is typed in the wrong place, it turns yellow. A letter that isn’t part of the word in any way appears grey. The free game was created by New York City-based software programmer Josh Wardle, who named it Wordle, a play on his own name for his partner, Palak Shah, who enjoys word games.


In Wordle, players must predict a five-letter word six times in 24 hours in order to win. Green will be awarded on the word and its position if the player guesses the correct word. If they guess the correct word but place it in the incorrect area, it will be highlighted yellow. The players can then try to locate the letter in the correct spot in the word. In addition, if a player predicts a letter but the block remains grey, the guess is invalid.

Hogwarts Wordle – FAQs

1. What is today’s Hogwartle?

Today’s Hogwartle is FANGS

2. How many words can you make with Hogwarts?

241 Words Can Be Made Out Of The Word “Hogwarts”

3. Is Hogwarts a real word?

A school for learning magic.

4. What are some interesting words in Harry Potter?

Wand, muggle, galleon, sickle are all words from the universe. 

5. What is gryffindors motto?

Their daring, nerve and chivalry set Gryffindors apart

6. What is the longest Harry Potter book?

The fifth novel, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, is the longest book in the series, yet it is the second shortest film at 2 hours and 18 minutes.