DSTv is a satellite channel that has launched the DSTv Now app, but users will require the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code to complete the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process. What is the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code, and why is it required for Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation? Here’s how to find out.

DSTv Now

One of the major satellite channel service providers in Sub Saharan territory is the DSTv – Digital Satellite Television. Established in 1995, the DSTv caters to a variety of countries in the area including  South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Uganda, Mauritius, Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Lesotho, Ethiopia and many more countries. DSTv came up with a new app to cater to those with smart Tv connections – DSTv Now. The Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process as the name suggests requires the users to have Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code.

Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code

The Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code is basically a combination of numbers that aids in the process of Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process. But how does one complete the process of Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process with the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Code and where can one get the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process. These are just some of the questions asked by interested ones who are keen on mounting DSTv Now onto Smart Tvs Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Code – Users can get the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code by signing up with the official website of DSTv and following the prompts

Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process 

There are a few steps that you need to complete for the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process. It is only in the last step that you will need the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code. The first step that needs to be done as a part of the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process is to Login to the DSTv official website. Continue reading to get the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Process 

  • Sign up to the DSTv official website from either your mobile or any other device.
  • Once you sign up you will get the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation Code
  • Now switch on your Smart Tv onto which you wish to mount the DSTv Now app.  
  • Open your app store and install the DSTv Now app
  • Once the app is installed open the same
  • This will bring the area where the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code enter option will appear
  • It is here that you will have to enter the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code that you received when you signed in via the official website. 
  • Once you enter the Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation code you will be able to stream unlimited movies and shows that are available on the app. 

DSTv Now App Compatible Devices

The Now.Dstv.Com /Tv Code Activation process can be done only on devices that are compatible with the DSTV Now app. Given below are these smart Tvs that are compatible with the DSTv Now app.

  • Samsung smart TVs – Models from 2015 onwards (Selected)
  • Hisense smart TVs – Models from 2018 onwards (Selected)
  • LG smart TVs – Models OS 3.0, 3.5 and 4.0
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