Russia Gosloto 5/36 Result 23 February 2022 – 5 out of 36 winning numbers

Russia Gosloto 5/36 Result Today 23.02.2022 Check Russia Gosloto Results for 4/20, 6/45, 5/36 and 7/49 here. Gosloto is a game that is based in Russia that is played twice every single day. Many have been wondering about the Russia Gosloto 5/36 Result Today. The article below has the updated Russia gosloto 5/36 latest results.

Russia Gosloto Result Today (23.02.2022)

Many have been wondering about the Russia Gosloto Result Today especially the Russia Gosloto 5/36 results. Given below are these  Russia Gosloto Result Today (23.02.2022).

TimeDraw NoWinning Numbers
07:00#436407 29 15 3 9 1
06:30#436393 23 26 9 7 4
06:00#4363827 33 14 34 25 2
05:30#436376 13 10 20 15 3
05:00#4363616 18 21 6 7 4
04:30#4363519 22 6 28 7 
04:00#436349 20 21 14 11 2
03:30#4363328 14 19 17 31 1
03:00#436327 26 23 31 18 1
02:30#4363128 2 3 16 12 1
02:00#4363034 1 9 29 36 4
01:30#436291 17 8 4 31 2
01:00#436282 11 13 19 4 3
00:30#4362736 21 24 31 32 4
00:00#4362610 36 3 17 14 2

Result Today Timings

There are three Gosloto lotteries which are Gosloto 6/45, Gosloto  5/36 and Gosloto 4/20. Each of these Gosloto lotteries has a designated time during which the draw takes place. The Gosloto 6/45 draw is at 11:00 Moscow Standard Time (MSK), while for Gosloto 5/36 the draw happens at 12:30 Moscow Standard Time (MSK) and Gosloto 4/20 happens at 10:00 Moscow Standard Time (MSK). the authorities who look after the Gosloto lottery make sure that the lottery tickets are not sold well in advance; they even have a cutoff time wherein the ticket sales are scheduled for  20 minutes before the draw, that 10:40 MSK for Gosloto 6/45, 11:40 MSK for Gosloto 5/36 and 9:40 MSK for Gosloto 4/20.

How To Play Russia Gosloto 5/36?

To play Gosloto, you have to choose at least six numbers from 1 to 45. If all six of the numbers you choose match the winning numbers, the jackpot is yours. You can even boost your chances of winning by choosing more than six numbers. If you pick seven, for example, every combination of six numbers within your selected set will be entered into the draw. It costs about 100 rubles per entry, and the cost increases proportionally as you enter more combinations. In Russia, you can play by visiting lottery retailers be it online or via SMS.

Main Numbers and Bonus ball:







Russia 5/36 Results

Lottery is something that has a huge fan following because of the promise that one day they would win a huge amount one day. Adding to this is the minimal amount that one has to spend on the lotteries which actsa s a boosting force for all those who are interested in investing in lotteries. But betting on lotteries became an issue which resulted in many countries banning lotteries. India is one country where the lottery was banned though it was reinstated in many states later. Many countries today have lotteries and their Government are encouraging these lotteries and as such have installed various authorities for monitoring these lotteries. One reason for this encouragement of lotteries is because of the revenue that these lotteries earn for the economy. Russia is famous for its lotteries. One of the lotteries in Russia that has many bettors looking forward to it is the Russia Gosloto.

Russia Gosloto 5/36 Hot And Cold Numbers

In Russia Gosloto 5/36, there are some numbers that appear to be on almost every other draw. Hot numbers are those numbers that are frequently drawn in the last few draws. These are considered to have a high probability of being drawn again. On the other hand, cold numbers are the ones that are drawn the least number of times in the last few draws. This reduces their probability of being drawn again. But the probability is based purely on guesses and previous draws and patterns.

Russia Gosloto 5/36 Predictions For Today

The Russia Gosloto 5/36 forecasts are not just one set of numbers, the Russian lottery authorities make sure that they give a few predictions to give more hope to the users. The Russian Gosloto is a lottery that happens every day and as stated earlier the Gosloto 5/36 happens at 12:30 MSK. The Russian Gosloto predictions are unlike the other lottery predictions. Because the name of the lottery in itself is based on the total number of numbers and number of draws from this total number. So if there are 36 numbers in total there would be predictions for the frequency of all these 36 numbers. Similarly if there are 45 numbers  there would be predictions for the frequency of all these 45 numbers.

Number Mechanism For Russia Gosloto Results For Today

The Russian Gosloto as stated earlier is named based on the total number of numbers and the draws in that total number. For instance in Gosloto 4/20 – 20 indicates the total number of numbers in that lottery and 4 indicates the number of draws. The same can be seen for the other two Gosloto Lotteries as well. In Gosloto 5/36 – 36 is the total number whereas 5 is the draw number. And for Gosloto 6/45 – 45 is the total number while 6 is the draw number. 

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Russia Gosloto Result Today – FAQ

1. What are the three Gosloto lotteries?

Gosloto 5/36
Gosloto 4/20
Gosloto 6/45

2. Is the Gosloto lottery a Russian lottery?

Yes, Gosloto is a Russian lotter

3. Is the lottery banned in many countries?

Yes, lottery was banned in many countries and is still banned in many countries though the ban was lifted for some of the countries

4. Why was the lottery banned?

Lottery was banned because the common public were becoming addicted to betting and this was causing a lot of issues for the society.

5. Is the lottery banned in India?

Lottery was initially banned in India but later was reinstated for 13 states.