What Happened To Citi Lyts? Know DJ Citi Lyts Death Cause

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What Happened To Citi Lyts? Know DJ Citi Lyts Death Cause

Who Was DJ Citi Lyts?

Sandile Mkhize is famously known as DJ Citi Lyts who is a popular singer, lyricist, television personality, rapper, social media star, and much more. DJ Citi Lyts was born in Soweto, South Africa and he also grew up in Soweto, South Africa. The sudden demise of the singer was completely shocking and his fans and friend were in total denial. DJ Citi Lyts was only 32-years when he passed away. Citi Lyts was truly talented and had a massive fan following in his country and in the United States. DJ Citi Lyts was the younger brother of rapper Prokid Mkhize, who was also shot and died. Citi Lyts family confirmed his passing away news. They said that the rapper was ambushed by four men who were armed and one opened fire DJ Citi Lyts was injured so much. Scroll down to know more about What Happened To Citi Lyts. 

What Happened To Citi Lyts?

Sandile Mkhize was popularly known as DJ Citi Lyts was reported dead after an alleged hijacking incident in the early morning of 14th February.  He was the brother of the famous hip-hop artist, ProKid who was also murdered earlier. The DJ’s family broke the news on Twitter and said that he was ambushed by four men and that he was shot eight times. The incident took place in Johannesburg. He gave many hit tracks like Vurra, Washa Washa, and more. Both Citi Lyts and his brother ProKid were iconic and their death of them was heartbreaking. Mkhize Family spokesperson said, “I can confirm that Sandile passed away at 12:30 am in the morning.” Police said that they have opened an investigation for Citi Lyts murder case. Citi Lyts brother, rapper Prokid died suffering from a seizure in 2018. 

DJ Citi Lyts Death 

According to Sunday World, DJ Citi Lyts was murdered on 14th February 2022 in the early morning. It was reported that he was shot eight times at Dube, South Africa. His family members confirmed his death and reported that he died on spot. His family also requested privacy as they wanted to go through a difficult time alone. The cops also said they were also investigating DJ Citi Lyts and will be updating if there are any developments. Police said, “The motive for the killing is unknown at this stage and police are searching for the suspects.”


DJ Citi Lyts Biography

DJ Citi Lyts is a famous rapper, lyricist, social media star, television personality, and more who is the man behind the famous hit tracks, Washa, Shishiliza, Vura. Citi Lyts was also the founder of Nu Paradise record company and he was famous in his country and in the US. It was reported by his family that he was passed away on the early morning of 14th February 2022 in an alleged hijacking-shooting incident. DJ Citi Lyts was 32-years-old when he passed away. There were not so many details available about him like about his schooling and other education. Even details about DJ Citi Lyts’ relationships and dating history were not available anywhere. As a famous artist, he was working with many artists that also included female artists but no news about his dating history was given. 

Real NameSandile Nkululeko Mkhize
Nick NameDJ
ProfessionDJ, Band, Singer and Rapper
Height5 feet 9 inches
Weight77 kgs
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlack
Date Of Birth1989
Death Date13 February 2022
Birth PlaceSoweto, Johannesburg, South Africa
Zodiac SignNot Available
EthnicityMixed (African)
School NamePrivate School in Soweto
Net Worth$10 million (Approx)

DJ Citi Lyts Age

DJ Citi Lyts, Sandile Nkulukeli Mkhize has passed away on 14th February 2022. He was killed after an alleged shootout with 8 bullets injuring him. DJ Citi’s exact birthdate was not available anywhere. But according to some sources, he was born in 1989 and now he is 32-years-old. Sandile was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa, and belongs to South African nationality. His father’s and mother’s name were not available but he is the brother of the famous rapper Prokid. 

DJ Citi Lyts Family

DJ Citi was completely private about his family. There were not many details available about DJ Citi Lyts or about his family anywhere. But his family’s spokesperson was the one who broke the news to everyone about DJ Citi’s death. He said, “I can confirm that Sandile passed away at 12:30 am in the morning.” “They were ambushed and that is ambushed that is the best way to put it. They coupled up; four guys came out of nowhere, stopped them, and shot them in their heads. They fought as much as they can, and the guys shot them. I can’t confirm how many they were in the car yet, but this happened at Dube, Soweto.”

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What Happened To Citi Lyts – FAQs

1. How old is DJ Citi Lyts?    

DJ Citi Lyts is 32-years-old.

2. Is DJ Citi Lyts still alive?    

No. DJ Citi Lyts in no more.

3. How did DJ Citi Lyts die?    

DJ Citi Lyts was shot eight times and died on spot.

4. Who was DJ Citi Lyts brother?    

Rapper Prokid is, DJ Citi Lyts brother. 

5. Where was DJ Citi Lyts born?    

DJ Citi was born in Soweto, Johannesburg, South Africa.