Where To Find Thops In Elden Ring? Get to Know Thops Locations Here

Where To Find Thops In Elden Ring

Where to find Thops Elden Ring: Thops is one of the many NPCs that you can find in the game. Killing or interacting with him will give you different rewards based on your actions. Read this article to get all the info on where to find Elden Ring Thops.

Elden Ring

FromSofware’s Elden Ring was released recently and it has taken the gaming community by storm. The game was created in partnership with fantasy novelist George R. R. Martin, who contributed setting material and it was released on February 25 of this year. It is available on Windows, Playstation 4 & 5, Xbox One, and Series X/S. The game earned a lot of praise for its open-world design and enhancements to the Souls formula. So you can expect a lot of NPCs and Thops is one of them. Scroll down to get all the info about Thops in Elden Ring.

Where to find Thops Elden Ring?

Thops is a student at Raya Lucaria’s Academy. He teaches you some low-level sorcery in exchange for a little gift in Runes. Thops is first encountered in Liurnia of the Lakes, in the Church of Irith. He’ll say that he wants to return to the Raya Lucaria Academy, but that he requires an Academy Glintstone Key in order to do so. You’ll need on to get into the academy as well so you are going to need two keys in total. So we’ve covered how you can get those keys as well. Read on to learn how you can get the Glintstone Key in the game.

Thops Elden Ring Wiki And Quest

Thops will reveal that returning to the academy is his greatest dream. You can hand over the Academy Glintstone Key to Thops once you’ve obtained a second one. He will be forced to leave this location if you do so. Within Raya Lucaria Academy, you’ll subsequently find him dead near the Schoolhouse Classroom Site of Grace. Thops Barrier, Academy Glintstone Staff, and Thops’s Bell Bearing will all be found on his body. Bring the Bell Bearing to the Roundtable Hold’s Twin Maiden Husks to unlock his inventory for purchase.

How to get the Glintstone Key for Thops?

Head north after leaving the Debate Parlor. Go up to the northwest, where there’s rubble instead of stairs. Up here, up the stairwell, and around to the left. You’ll come across a body dangling over the cliff. Drop down to the roofs below, then head south until you notice a ladder on your right. Climb this ladder, but beware of the flying marionette troops that will attack if you don’t.
There are a total of three of them, plus the enemy at the bridge’s end. Follow the way to the right as you run along this bridge. Drop down two more times onto the roofs, facing northeast. Then turn left and descend twice more. To your right, you’ll notice an adversary; kill it and then jump down to the ledge below (on the right). After collecting the Imbued Sword Key by following this path straight up. To get to the circle roof, jump over and down. Inside, enter the first open window and go along the rafters. You should be able to see a body on top of a chandelier with an item hanging from it. For Thops, you’ll need the Academy Glintstone Key.

Items in Thops’ Shop

Listed below are all the items that you can buy from him,

Item NameItem TypePurchase ValueStock
Glintstone PebbleSorcery10001
Glintstone ArcSorcery15001
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Where to Find Thops in Elden Ring: FAQs

1. Who are the developers of the game?

The game is developed by FromSoftware.

2. Who is the director of the game?

Hidetaka Miyazaki is the director of the game.

3. When was the game released?

The game was released on 25 February 2022.

4. What genre does the game belong to?

It belongs to the action RPG genre.

5. Is the game available on PS4?

Yes, the game is available on PS4.

6. Is the game free to play?

No, it is not free to play.